When I was 5 years old my mother bought me a cheap suit for a wedding.  I used to put that suit on 2-3x a week, and being the youngest in the family meant that everyone found it to be hilarious and cute. Since that day I have had a growing passion for suits.

Throughout high school and university, I continued to gravitate towards men’s formal wear, working at Tuxedo shops and boutique retail stores.

I graduated from university with a business degree and began working as a Account Executive with Federal Express.  This position meant that I was mandated to wear a suit to work every day, which I loved.

However, I could not afford a nice suit.  I was determined to look sharp in meetings but was not willing to pay exorbitant pricing for a made to measure product.

After much trial and error, sourcing fabric from different vendors, and coordinating with a number of different tailors, I was eventually able to make a nice suit for myself without breaking the bank.

Soon I was sporting outfits to meetings which were way out of my pay grade and colleagues started asking me where I had them made and if I could get them a suit of the same price and quality.

At that time I was not confident with measuring others but my colleges insisted that we try.  I tailored a few suits in the office and then I was referred to a few friends from folks in the office.

Within three months I was unable to process all the referral orders, so I rented an office and started providing location-based fittings – and Empire Customs was born.

~Dennis Tavares