How It Works

  • Schedule an Appointment

    To schedule an appointment by phone, call (647) 621-7299 and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable Style Consultants. To schedule an appointment online, our user friendly booking widget allows you to view available times and dates.

    Operating by appointment only ensures each and every client has the full care and attention of our  team, from fitting to flaunting. And our booking widget works on any device (desktop and mobile) so you can schedule your next appointment wherever, whenever.

  • Visit The Shop

    Next, come visit the shop and peruse through an array of quality fabrics and patterns with one of our seasoned Style Consultants. Through learning about your individual wants and needs, a fabric combination is selected. We then begin our exclusive 30-point measurement process to capture every angle of your frame.

    Every single detail is accounted for, even your posture. We have three different shoulder molds to accommodate all posture types. During the measuring process we physically place special “shoulder mold test jackets” on you, encouraging you to see and touch the shoulder setting, ultimately finding one that fits best for your level of comfort.  Our Toronto tailor alterations service is in-house and available if needed.

  • Pick Up Your Suit

    With in 4 weeks or less your suit is ready for a fitting. We will call or email you to set up a time for you to come by and try on your custom suit. All tailoring/alterations are included in your purchase price. At this point we’ll make any needed adjustments and fine tune the suit to ensure the fit is optimal. Your suit is then ready for pick up in 4 business days or less.

    A paper stencil is created to trace and cut the fabric for your first suit, and future suits. This stencil represents the traditional and timeless technique of bespoke garment tailoring, and the commitment we have to our clients. As your body changes over the course of our relationship, so will your stencil.

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