Grooms Suit Guide

The suit that a man wears on his wedding day is the most important outfit of his life. After the grand day, the pictures embody your beautiful wedding memories. The Grooms Suit Guide will lead you through selecting the perfect style and fashion choices so that you can create photos and memories that are both stylish and timeless.

The choices for a groom are vast; different colours, fabrics and silhouettes truly allow him to express his fashion sense. While this may be overwhelming, generally these choices are narrowed down to two fashion paths: The Groom’s Tuxedo and The Groom’s Three-Piece Suit.

The Tuxedo

The fundamental difference between a Suit and a Tuxedo is that all Tuxedos are made with satin lapels.  Satin is a type of silk which has a smooth and glossy finish, hence adding a layer of elegance to the garment.

Below are a few popular tuxedo choices
grooms suit guide photos of couples. blue tuxedo. black tuxedo. custom made garments. wedding day attire. gowns. dresses.

The Three-Piece Suit

Transform a standard two-piece suit into something which is highly formal and dapper by simply adding a waist-coat or vest. Pair with a bow-tie to add yet another layer of formal accenting.  A benefit to the three-piece route is that one can very easily wear the suit again after the wedding whereas a tuxedo typically requires very formal events.

Below are a few popular Three-Piece Suit choicesgrooms suit guide images showcasing three wedding day three piece suits in various colours. tuxedo blue, tuxedo black, vibrant burgundy. vests in different styles such as five button vests and u-shape vests

Colours, Fabrics, and Style

Black and Navy for a groom are the most noteworthy and classic options, thus roughly half of our grooms go this route. Shades of Charcoal Grey receive an honourable mention as well. While for our more adventurous grooms, the trend has become a modern twist on the classics. Remaining on the paths of either Tuxedo or Three Piece, our grooms find themselves expressing their style in different textures, patterns, and vibrant colours.
Printed Velvet, Burgudy 3 Piece Suit, French Navy Tuxedo or a Silk Demask Tuxedo
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Classic fabric choices for groomsmen suiting are typically black, navy (mid to dark shades) and grey (mid to light shades). The outstanding majority of our groomsmen dress in either one of these fabric colours. Our fashion stylists guide you through choosing the perfect ties and pocket squares to compliment your  wedding theme and colours.

 Classic Groomsmen LooksScreen Shot 2017-03-02 at 4.21.42 PM

Some non-traditional groomsmen looks; Light Blue Linen, Brown Herringbone, Trouser-Shirt-Suspenders only.Group shots of groomsmen in various suit colors and style

Remote Groomsmen

It is very common for one or more of the groomsmen to be located outside of Toronto. Empire Customs will assist you in finding a local tailor near the individual that is unable to get measured at our location. We screen each tailor to ensure they are competent. In addition we encourage remote clients to call us while taking measurements, therefore adding another layer of accuracy. We offer this service free of charge.

The Craft

Made to Order – This process involves taking pre-built suits and altering components such as the sleeves and stomach to the client dimensions.  One can usually customize simple options such as buttons and jacket liners.  We do not recommend this method nor do we offer this method because it does not factor in the unique nuances of a client’s build such as the slope of the shoulder.
Made to Measure – We create a paper pattern from scratch based on the client’s measurements.  The paper pattern is then used as a stencil to cut the fabric and this paper stencil is stored.  As a client’s body changes over time, we update the paper stencil as well.  The angle of ones posture and slope of ones shoulder are all taken into consideration.  This process has been used for hundreds of years and is reflective of the true age old cutting and suit making techniques.  There are usually a minimum of three fittings with this process and our time frame is 4-8 weeks. Rush Order Options Available
Made to Measure process starting at $999 for suit, shirt and tie.
Bespoke –  Is rooted from a process stemming back to the early 1700’s in England’s Saville Row.  The word bespoke is derived from the word bespeak, which means “to speak for something”.  A process where one verbally advises his tailor of his preferences over the course of several fitting sessions. During this process we cut and create deconstructed half-basted “try-on bodies” (jacket/trouser/shirt) based on your specific measurements. We assess the proper adjustments to be made, and then update your paper pattern. Finally, we begin to cut your suit.  There are usually 4-5 fittings with this process and the normal time frame being 6-10 weeks. 
Bespoke starting at $1899 for suit, shirt, and tie.


Our second floor is a large lounge which was designed solely for Grooms and Groomsmen to have a drink while enjoying the creative process together.  We encourage all wedding parties to come as a group and help themselves to our lovely whiskey bar.  Our store hostess mixes drinks while taking pictures of the fabric selection and measuring.  Rather than hosting on the main floor, the lounge offers a space where regular clients and store operations will not be a distraction. This is a significant part of the pre-wedding journey and will be a beautiful memory with the entire wedding party.  It should be enjoyed and remembered.
 Empire Private Lounge

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