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We encourage couples to come together and enjoy a glass of champagne, premium whisky or gourmet coffee while browsing through our deep range of 1000+ wools and cloth options. Most grooms go down one of two main fashion paths: either the groom’s Tuxedo or the Three-Piece Suit

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The Tuxedo: The fundamental difference between a Suit and a Tuxedo is that all Tuxedos are made with satin lapels. Satin is a type of silk which has a smooth and glossy finish, hence adding a layer of elegance to the garment.

The Three Piece Suit: This has become more popular over the last 10 years and a choice of almost half of our grooms. The main benefit here is that you can easily wear the garment again.

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Wedding Suits

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We believe having a dedicated wedding area will ensure a memorable experience. Our second floor is a large lounge designed solely for Grooms and Groomsmen to have a drink while enjoying the creative process together. We encourage all wedding parties to come as a group and help themselves to our whiskey bar. Our store hostess mixes drinks while taking pictures of the fabric selection and measuring. Rather than hosting on the main floor, the lounge offers a space where regular clients and store operations will not be a distraction. This is a significant part of the pre-wedding journey and hence should be a memorable experience.


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