A clean, professional, and distinguished appearance usually garners plenty of respect. There is little doubt about this. Think of the most successful, powerful, and most well-respected men in our culture. What do a large percentage of them have in common. In most cases, they’re extremely well-dressed. At the cornerstone of their wardrobes – custom suits.

From the way his tailored suit fits to the fabrics and coordination used in the crafting of his attire, the better a man is dressed, the more likely he is to rise to the top. This is just a fact of life. And custom-tailored suits allow for the highest levels of these important attributes.

Please understand, there is nothing inherently wrong with picking a new suit off the rack. You may get lucky and find something that fits you very well. You can still come out of the department store looking like a shiny new penny. But this is always a hit-or-miss proposition, and many men miss. Not only that, but without customization, you’re always at the mercy of the design house behind the suit. It’s their branding – not your own – which is most recognized.

There truly is a world of difference between custom suits and their store-bought counterparts. For starters, the sheer volume of fabric choices you have at your disposal with a custom suit is insane. Likewise, you’ve got some truly incredible design options which take into consideration both style and functionality.

For example, you can have your waistband customized to perform in quite unexpected ways. Griplets can actually be fitted into the waistband in such a way that your tucked shirt will remain tucked. This is a small detail that can make a tremendous difference in your appearance, as well as your confidence, throughout the day. Likewise, your waistband can be expandable for a cleaner fit and a more enjoyable feel.

Pockets and pleats are other important things to consider. There is a wide variety of pleat choices for you to look into. Triple, double-reverse, deep, and flat-front are all styles that can be customized with a tailor-made suit. Additionally, you may choose cord pockets, quarter-top, or on-seam pockets. Mixing and matching just these two concepts alone can provide you with dozens of great options.

You can also customize the width of the trouser legs based upon your body type and individual style preferences. Would you like the bottoms of your pants to be cuffed… or plain? Depending upon the type of footwear you like to rock, alterations in bottom width can also be made. As you can see, this provides the ultimate in flexibility… and we’re just talking about the pants!

At the end of the day, the decision to go with a custom suit over a store-bought one is yours alone. Your budget, personal tastes, and reasons for wanting a suit in the first place will all play major roles in your decision-making process. You will almost always pay more for your custom suit. But the dividends it can pay may be well-worth the extra investment to you.

Photo Credit: Tinker*Tailor loves Lalka | cc

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