“The more things change, the more they stay the same,” goes the old chestnut. The world of designer menswear is no exception. Fashion trends come and go, colours fluctuate and textures mutate, but there seem to be certain silhouettes that continue to dominate men’s’ fashion. This season’s designs introduce new twists on classic themes, with cues from the past pointing towards a revisionist future. We are witnessing a return to the understated palettes of yesteryear combining with a modernist sensibility in cut and fabrics, a co-mingling of traditional and Avant-garde.

Take a look through the window

One look that is making a comeback is windowpane. This understated plaid design is found in trousers, blazers, and in complete suits. The most popular colors are khaki on a charcoal background and olive on gray. The windowpane look seems to be replacing the pinstripe; look for the pattern to be paired with solids in much the same ways as the pinstripe was used. One look that is favored by designer menswear stylists is the windowpane blazer with a check shirt, worn without the tie.

Doubling down

Another option cropping up in designer menswear is the double breasted look. For some, the double breasted blazer can be a bit intimidating, although it should not be. You can dress up that pair of denim trousers and give your wardrobe an added boost with just the right jacket. We are seeing the double breast in combination with the turtleneck and with the oxford this season. It is a look that impresses without being oppressive.

Classically cuffed

The pant leg is seeing more attention now, thanks to cuffs. This season is all about taking chances and creating that personalized image that sets you apart from the crowd. Stylists are taking care to emphasize the shoe – sock – leg area, and nothing frames good footwear like a well-proportioned cuff. Signifying a return to gentlemanly ways, heavier fabrics and slimmer designs call for this more finished and tailored look. Customize and make this look your own by pairing the cuffed pant leg with bold colors and patterns in socks.

Something that Mercury and the Flash have in common

The Full Brogue, or Wingtip, shoe is another must-have for this season. Eschew the Co-Respondent and two-tone looks for single color options, for a look that pairs well with the bolder fabric patterns and choices this season. From head to toe, the now look says “confident, assured, and assertive”. Check out these stylistic options and create the silhouette that allows the real you to come through.

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