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Designing your wedding suit can sometimes feel like an overwhelming task. These emotions are certainly normal, but the good news is that we make the process totally stress free. After our first consultation we provide an exact production timeline for each groom which maps-out all future individual store visits and we always factor in a comfortable buffer period before your big day.

As we all face new challenges surrounding in-person appointments, we are equipped to provide the Empire Experience even from the comfort of your own home. Whether in person in our private Wedding Lounge or through our Virtual Consultation process, our team of expert stylists are here for you. Set up a Virtual Consultation to learn more about your unique vision and we’ll showcase exact fabrics and styles to fit your needs.


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From your initial consultation we collect all the details needed to story-board your perfect look. We’ve focused in on fabric and style, developed a stress-free timeline and now are able to begin crafting a unique pattern which is the blueprint of your garments.

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We know styles and trends change every wedding season, but we have you covered. Our library of 1000+ cloths will offer options no matter where or when your wedding will be or what you have envisioned.

Every garment is crafted with the same care and attention to detail regardless of the cloth selected. Our two master cutters pattern and cut every suit, whether it is our House Curated fabrics at $950 or our premium cloths at $3950, each suit is designed, cut and tailored with the same attention and precision.


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