Is there anything unique about your measuring process?

The way we build the shoulder of the suit is very distinct at Empire Customs.  The shoulder mold is the main component of construction for the entire suit.  At Empire Customs we offer three different types of shoulder molds; each one is measured and shaped to account for the majority of posture types.

In addition to taking over 30 measurements of your body, we will try different styles on your shoulder to select the one that best suits your body type.  This way you have approved and seen exactly what your shoulder construction will look like before your suit is even made.

Where are your fabrics from?

Our fabrics come from award winning mills imported from Italy, Great Britain, Australia, and Ireland. We offer an extensive variety of fabrics, such as wool cashmere blend, silk blend, and cotton blend (also known as flannel).

Who is cutting your suits?

Empire is proud to offer a turn around time of approximately four weeks, one of the quickest in Toronto. We have a father-and-son production team that works exclusively with us. We are one company.

Our production team has over 50 years of combined experience as a family tailoring operation. The father (in his late 60s) taught his son (in his 40s) everything there is to know about cutting tailor made suits.

Do you offer corporate group discount for office visits?

YES. Are you and your colleagues looking to update your work attire? Perfect. We offer a corporate office program and special group pricing with significant discounts.

If you are the main contact, we offer you a suit at a 50% discount or more! Ask us for more information about our in-office program.

We look forward to welcoming you at our shop located at 116 Fort York Blvdin Toronto’s CityPlace. In the meantime you can contact Empire Customs directly at 647-621-7299 if you have any questions regarding our suits and services or custom tailoring in general.

Empire Customs