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April 11, 2014

Can a Custom Suit Help You Customize Your Image?

A clean, professional, and distinguished appearance usually garners plenty of respect. There is little doubt about this. Think of the most successful, powerful, and most well-respected men in our culture. What do a large percentage of them have in common. In most cases, they’re extremely well-dressed. At the cornerstone of their wardrobes – custom suits…. View Article

February 6, 2014

Caring for a Custom Suit

A bespoke tailored suit garners more respect than a ready-made one. This obviously goes without saying, but is still bears repeating. Custom suits are simply more valuable. This is certainly true in monetary terms, but also as far as personal value is concerned. Moreover, a custom tailored suit can provide you with more real-world benefits…. View Article

December 28, 2013

Men’s Jackets: The Power Of The Perfect Fit

Purchasing a brand new jacket is not typically something that a man does every day… or every week, for that matter. As such, it is important that much care is taken to pick the right jacket when you do decide to acquire one. Style, fit, and versatility are all important features to consider when shopping… View Article

October 27, 2013

Finding Amazingly Affordable, High-Quality Men’s Suits

Have you ever seen a 45-thousand-dollar suit? Surely, this must be pure extravagance based on the exclusiveness of the brand. Right? Obviously, this is a question best left to the individual in need of the new suit. But it’s always worth pondering what else that same 45k could buy you. A down payment on a… View Article

June 3, 2012

Lapels, Laces and Length: Trends in Designer Menswear

“The more things change, the more they stay the same,” goes the old chestnut. The world of designer menswear is no exception. Fashion trends come and go, colours fluctuate and textures mutate, but there seem to be certain silhouettes that continue to dominate men’s’ fashion. This season’s designs introduce new twists on classic themes, with… View Article

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