Purchasing a brand new jacket is not typically something that a man does every day… or every week, for that matter. As such, it is important that much care is taken to pick the right jacket when you do decide to acquire one. Style, fit, and versatility are all important features to consider when shopping for a new men’s jacket. But let’s not forget functionality.

Jackets are designed to keep us warm, and to some degree, protected from the elements. It is important for you to keep this in mind when looking into a potential new jacket purchase. Make sure the jacket will serve a practical purpose for you, in addition to helping you look your best.

Striking the perfect balance between modernity and timelessness can be a bit tricky when it comes to finding your ideal new outerwear, but it’s certainly worth it to remain diligent in your hunt. The objective, afterall, is to acquire a jacket that you’re proud to call your own for many good years to come.

Military coats have actually been making quite a comeback in this modern era of ours. This is a style that endures. The broad lapels create a sophisticated, yet heavy-duty look. And the powerful button details clearly add to the attractiveness of this particular piece of attire. Longer styles, in dark colors such as charcoal and pure black, are your safest bet for neutrality, longevity, and an overall sense of serious, confident style.

Believe it or not, capes have also seen something of a spike in overall interest. In today’s marketplace, this style of outwear is becoming more and more commonplace. That said, it is still considered quite the daring style, and for a more conservative look, this will clearly be a style to avoid. But if making bold statements is a natural part of your personality, then this may be a style you’d like to embrace. Again, go with dark, serious colors; ideally, black.

The materials with which your new jacket has been crafted are worthy of special examination. Some materials tend to stand the test of time, both in terms of fashion and durability. Much to the dismay of PETA, animal skins tend to be the best investments. Leather exteriors (aviator style jackets are always fashionable) with sheepskin linings make for a long-lasting, visually stunning piece of outerwear.

Finally, make sure that the jacket you choose can be worn fashionably with a variety of overall style themes. Jeans and t-shirts, khakis and polos, or full-on formal or business attire should all be complemented by your new jacket. While it may be difficult to find the absolute ideal jacket for all occasions, it’s worth striving to come as close to ideal as possible.

There are many men’s jacket options available to you. Adhering to the advice above should help you to make a quality decision. Dark, durable materials combined with timeless cuts and bold styles can really set you apart from your fellow man. This can help you in further establishing an identity of your own, as well as attracting more of the good things you want in life.

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